Chelsea Wolfe #4 - Nick Cave Cover / Mer Video

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Chelsea Wolfe is easily one of my favourite discoveries of 2011, I've talked about her two releases at length already so I'll avoid repetition here (though if you are interested search the label), instead here is a two part update, firstly a video has been released for "Mer", a stand-out from 'Apokalypsis', the surreal video fits the hypnotic darkness of the song perfectly, floating somewhere between Wicker Man camp and Italo horror it's equal parts alluring and creepy. Watch;

Then, this quite frankly, fucking amazing cover version of Nick Cave's "I Let Love In" has been circulating around the internet for a few weeks, so naturally I'm slow on the uptake. It keeps the same melody as the original version yet Chelsea stamps her own stamp on the dark, anti-romantic story. Underneath a layer of murky fuzz is this haunting, mysterious and compellingly beautiful lament. Listen below:

Chelsea Wolfe - "I Let Love In (Nick Cave cover)" by Creeping Wave

Order her albums via Pendu Sound. Live UK shows please:

i-N Session w/ Chelsea Wolfe from Anna Dobos on Vimeo.