The Coathangers - Hurricane / Johnny


I'm a big fan of boutique labels (a quick look around this site will lead you to find my attempt, which has some news of its own soon), they are generally run by passionate people like myself who don't really give two hoots about making money (though breaking even helps) and exist as a platform for someone to release music that excites them by artists that perhaps haven't got another means or as a way to support independent artists. These are the labels and artists where your hard-earned (or student loan) should be going - Coldplay really aren't going to miss it (sorry Chris) and their new stuff is shit anyway.

The reason for that outburst of love and affection for  indie labels was the second release by a London boutique label, X-Ray Recordings which sees them release a double-a side limited edition flexidisc of two tracks from US band The Coathangers third album (although the first I've heard) 'Larceny & Old Lace', "Hurricane" and "Johnny". I don't normally quote press releases / band statements (what is the point) but on this instance I'm going to use the a paragraph as I think it perfectly sums up The Coathangers:

"The Coathangers stormed onto the scene, as a completely unaffected, unpretentious, deliciously sloppy, and totally infectious rock band"

"Hurricane" sums that up, its fast and ferocious pacing certainly doesn't overstay its welcome with catchy guitar riffs,addictive bass hooks and scattergun drums propels the track whilst the vocals combine a snarling gravelly lead which shrilling harmonies, deliciously sloppy indeed. The punky spirit of "Johnny" might be even better, seething, angry growls and jumping bass line, brash, dirty and brilliant, I certainly wouldn't want to be Johnny and have these ladies pissed at me. The flexi-disc is released October 24th and can be ordered through the label or Rough Trade now.

The Coathangers - Hurricane
The Coathangers - Johnny