Creatures of Love #3 - Barbatos


Creatures of Love return with a sparkling new version of a track I first mentioned back in February, 'Barbatos' will be the London trio's second release and for those of you who prefer quick a summary, the first word that comes to my mind to describe the track is enormous.

"Barbatos" is epic and dramatic, CoL are, and to forgive the pun, creatures of the night, a veil of thick, misty gloom shrouds throughout, an atmospheric current of doom-laden shadowy beats, echoey guitars and icy chimes. "Barbatos" is unashamedly melodramatic and sumptuous for it, Bonita's vocals striking, effortlessly conveying equal measures of beauty and emotion through her incredible voice. Creatures of Love music maybe dark and window shattering in proportion but it is also quite gorgeous.

I can't see the accompanying video being shown on MTV any time soon, it features two girls dressed in school uniforms and swimming costumes (and a whale) and features them in all manner of provocative and suggestive positions (not the whale), not one for the easily offended I guess.

For those of you coming to see The Joy Formidable over the next three weeks get there early because CoL are the first support, I've seen them a couple of times already and their live show is stunning, extremely loud and maintains this incredible intensity throughout, when I first saw them at The Borderline in January the room went silent as soon as they started - not bad for a support band. They've also the biggest light bulb I've ever seen. Alternatively, they headline London's CAMP on November 24th.

Like their debut "An Introduction to Creatures of Love", "Barbatos" will be released on ultra limited (just 66 copies) via Red CD in 7" vinyl packaging, assumingly on sale in their shop here and on The Joy Formidable tour. You can get the track as a free download from the band with a quick trip here.

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Creatures Of Love - Barbatos by CreaturesOfLove