Curxes - New Music "Introducing"

The UK is definitely the forefront of an early 80's influenced synth-pop revival movement and if the world was a fairer place Brighton duo Curxes would find themselves on Top of the Tops alongside a new wave of pop-noir / electronic acts like Alpines, Creatures of Love and Paper Crows.

The reality of course is that TotP is confined to the doldrums, Simon Cowell manufactured twaddle rules the roost and at the time of writing Curxes have just 162 fans on Facebook (go change that please) in comparison to Cher Lloyd's 1.75 million. Thankfully, if you reading this you belong in the former universe too.

Back to Curxes, they've been together for about a year and have a couple of tracks available on iTunes now, I've streamed a couple of my favourites below. "Creatures" channels the haunting, seductive vocals of Siouxsie with atmospheric, industrial pop rhythms and pounding beats that come at you from all directions that recall a sound somewhere between The Human League and Depeche Mode at their prime.

"Jaws" evolves into a fabulously intense pop track that has incredible dance floor crossover potential thanks to the icy, brooding dramatics delivered by Roberta Fidora's incredible vocals and the intensity of Macaulay Hopwood's punchy, metallic synths. "Once Upon a Time" doesn't want to embed but you should definitely listen to it as it's perhaps their strongest track to date, a thumping soundtrack with an unnerving, chilling pulse and then, just when you think the duo are only capable of monstrous beats and powerhouse vocals comes "Spires", which let's Roberta's vocals truly shine, genuinely breathtaking.

Curxes play a Halloween show on Sunday October 30th at London's The Bowery, the band are on first and it's an early show (tickets) so get down early, if I'm back from visiting family I'll do the same.

Jaws by CURXES
Creatures by CURXES