Esben and the Witch #5 - Hexagons

Just a couple of days after I mention Esben & The Witch teasing us with a trailer for a forthcoming EP the Brighton trio have released a track from it as a free download...

You can stream / download "Hexagons II (The Flight)" below. After their long awaited debut 'Violet Cries' February release you could have forgiven the band for taking the rest of year to promote and tour it, though I for one am happy to see them return quickly and can't wait to hear this standalone EP in full, given the six part hexagon title (including a revamped Hexagon IV from the album), I'm hopeful for a seamless listening experience.

I think it's safe to assume that fans of the album will be immediately at home with "Hexagons II", it continues with the eerie, atmospheric soundscapes heard on the full-length, the otherworldly vocals of Rachel Davies combine with creeping guitar line echoes and electronic rhythms to create an icy cold, misty fairy tale that's equal part celestial and nightmare. Esben & The Witch's hauntingly dark sounds definitely aren't for the mainstream (I'm still unsure as to how they got a BBC Sound of 2011 birth - not that I'm saying it's undeserved, I just don't see any mainstream crossover potential) yet for those willing to enter their bewitching (sorry) universe, the Brighton three piece are proving to be one of the essential acts of this decade.

The six part Hexagons EP is due for release November 7th (I've not seen any mention of physical/digital release method yet), the full track listing and a small handful of live shows can be found at their label Matador's site.

Make sure you buy the 'Chorea' 12" to, exclusive to Record Store Day but you can get a copy for a fiver from the band direct here.