Throwing Up - New Music "Introducing"

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I'm ill, call it a week long hangover after overdoing it last weekend. I've learnt my mistakes and have reconsidered a similar venture this week, at my age, it's probably for the best! Being ill and miserable what better than some frenetic, snarly garage-punk to blast the germs away, London trio Throwing Up offer just that (I am actually ill, there is no 'throwing up' joke to follow).

Their latest single is "Mother Knows Best", a raucous blast of infectious, fuzzed up grunge that certainly doesn't over stay it's welcome, it's released next week on US label What's Your Rupture? and will be able to be purchased in the bands shop here. You can download "Medicine" for free below, similarly energetic and catchy, fast punching drums and even faster scuzzed up guitar riffs, I'm new to Throwing Up but if their live show is as equally fun as their records then I'm ready to grab a beer and dance around.

Throwing Up - Mother Knows Best by Whiteboard Publicity
Throwing Up - Medicine by Whiteboard Publicity