Oh Land - Bloodbuzz Ohio

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I'm confusing myself here, I'm pretty sure I've posted about Oh Land before though, apparently I have not. Apart from my review after seeing her twice at Glastonbury, this is the maiden posting about the Danish singer-songwriter / pop-star, she's yet to be officially launched in the UK, her self-titled (second album) is due for release here on November 21st (though it reached no 5. in the Danish charts in March). Any purveyor of synth-pop would be wise to investigate Nanna Øland Fabricius as soon as they can and if you are reading this, let that time be now...

The album is probably the best pop album I've heard this year (I can't bring myself to listen to Nicola Roberts), "Sun of a Gun" is the catchiest, an energetic slice of fun that's both dance floor and radio friendly, similarly "White Nights" keeps things playful, sparkling synth hooks, looping drum beats and gorgeous melodies make for one of the most irresistibly infectious tracks of the year. My favourite track though is "Wolf & I" where Oh Land's sultry vocal completely enchant you in a goose-bump inducing ballad.

Anyway, all that gushing wasn't actually the reason for this post, this was... Oh Land has released a cover of The National's "Bloodbuzz Ohio" and before you fanboys go running off screaming, listen to it, it's actually all kinds of brilliant. A restrained synth warble and delicate electronic beat create this dreamy, brooding ambiance and the switch of vocals from Matt Berninger signature baritone to Oh Land's ethereal whispers create an emotive version that is nothing sort of beautiful. Covers can be a dangerous thing, Oh Land have pulled this one off no question.

Oh Land - Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National Cover)

Oh Land play Heaven on November 10th - tickets - unfortunately it's the same day as St Vincent and until somebody gives me a DeLorean DMC-12 I'm unable to time travel or be in two places at the same time.

Here's some samples from the album:
Wolf & I by Oh Land

White Nights from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.