Palms - New Music "Introducing"

I don't have to much to tell you about Palms other than my introduction to the Glaswegian band was a satisfactory one for me, the reason I enjoy posting the odd interview here isn't for a lazy post where I can cut and paste someone else's words instead of think of my own but to see if people who make the music that I like can introduce me to further bands that I will too. That certainly appears to be the case with Palms, introduced by Veronica Falls' Roxanne here.

The three piece only have one song (so far) uploaded to their soundcloud page ( I can't find a facebook / website etc) but it's a great. It's called "Wolf" and it's lo-fi, raw, garage rock. A hypnotic, chugging bass-line and repetitive percussive beat lead to frenetic cymbal crashing crescendos and a closing salvo of screams and howls. It might be rough around the edges but there is nothing not to like here.

Palms are lined up to play in London along with CoverGirl at Powerlunches on October 28th, a gig I'm planning on attending so hopefully that will shed some light for me. Full details.

Wolf by Palms