Palmz - New Music "Introducing"

So this past week I fell in love again, the latest source of my undying affection is Palmz, a band born and bred in California and led by Lexie Corfiatis, their nostalgic, dream pop music is one of the best things to drop in my mailbox since God knows...

If you're ready to be seduced, recall memories of simpler times when life's biggest dilemmas were what to wear and whether the girl you like liked you back then I suggest starting with "Teenage Heartthrob", a hazy, languid guitar and drum beat melody create a yesteryear pop ambiance while Lexie's sugar-sweet, laid-back vocal delivery melts your heart.

"Nothing in the Universe is Lost" similarly is effortlessly charming, breezy sun-tinged hooks, cool and simple, a blissful pure pop track, my favourite though is perhaps "I Will Never, Ever, EVER, Feel Again", a wistful, heartfelt ballad with these gorgeous guitar solos and Lexie's dreamy vocal delivery. Definitely call it love.

So, if you fancy a bit of retro, distinctly American pop music, listen below. Tracks can be purchased from bandcamp now.