Paper Aeroplanes - New Music "Introducing"

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Over the next month or so I'm trying to make a concerted effort to write up some posts that I've had in 'draft' status for a period of time. This is a pure 'hobby blog' and finding the time to do everything I want is, at times, difficult... I've around sixty posts in various states of 'draft', some are half written, some purely a reminder to investigate a band further, I'll go through them as my mood fancies so be prepared for some blog post about bands with nothing to currently promote!

Anyway, waffling, I don't remember when Paper Aeroplanes came to my attention but their melancholia-laced acoustic / alternative pop songs are going to melt your heart with their honest, intimate approach to song-craft and the damn-right gorgeous voice of vocalist Sarah Howells.

Their most recent release is the 'A Comfortable Sleep' EP (which was released September 16th and can be streamed / dowloaded from their bandcamp page now) my stand-out is the stunning heartfelt "All You Need", I'm repeating myself already but the most important part of Paper Aeroplanes is Sarah's voice. Her gorgeous, soothing vocal steals the show, the melodies are simple and restrained, the lyrics thoughtful and reflective and backed by Richard Llewellyn's understated guitar the end result is beautiful.

Similarly check out the lovely "Tuesday" below, equally capable of caressing or soothing depending on your mood. I could easily say the same for "Painkiller" another luscious track which sees the addition of gentle strings to accompany intricate acoustic strums and the pitch perfect vocals.

The EP is their second release of the year, in April they released a mini-album, the seven track 'We Were Ghosts', I've included an acoustic video for a track that blew me away on first listen, the breathtaking "Same Mistakes" as well as the slightly more upbeat jaunt of "Safe Hands". Stream / download and purchase a CD copy here.

In typical me fashion, being late to the party, the band have already been on their UK tour for well over a week, though they have a handful of dates left including London on Wednesday (at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith) - full dates.

All You Need by Paper Aeroplanes
Paper Aeroplanes - Tuesday
Paper Aeroplanes - Safe Hands