Pink Playground - New Music "Introducing"

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If Mexican Summer release a record there is a pretty high chance it's going to be good (see Tamaryn, Light Asylum, No Joy and so on for proof), that record continues with the Houston dream-pop / shoegaze duo Pink Playground, they've just put out their debut full-length with the Brooklyn based label and it's bloody brilliant, an intoxicating cacophony of thick, hazy distortion and ethereal gorgeousness.

The eight track 'Destination Ecstasy's' compelling MBV inspired noise demands to be played at ear-splitting levels, best portrayed on “Stationary” with its relentless, seething riffs and beautifully vague vocal melodies shrouded in so much reverb they become indecipherable and "Ten" with its abyss of droning fuzzy, feedback and Tara's soft, hushed harmonies, the lyrics are buried away in the music adding another layer to the luscious sonic textures.

Equally worth of your time is "Sunny Skies", guitar swirls and dream-like melodies float amongst humming fuzz, drum machine beats and wistful vocals whilst "Dark Bloom" shrill keyboard rhythms sound equally delicious. I recommend listening through a decent pair of headphones (not apple ones) to bring out some of the exquisite layering on this outstanding record, then listen to it again and again.

You can buy the limited CD / LP alongside an earlier 10" and tape from their own label here or direct from Mexican Summer. Their own label looks great, I know where I'll be spending a few of my next spare hours.

Listen below (more available via bandcamp):
Pink Playground - Dark Bloom
Pink Playground - Ten