Seapony #5 - Sailing

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The is an aptly timed posting for my Seapony 'Go With Me' vinyl arrived from Rough Trade just yesterday (available for just £11.99 with mp3's and a rather amusing sticker on, amusing but with a serious undertone - keep physical products alive), this isn't about that LP though, I've mentioned tracks from it a few times (search label for more), it's delicious. This update is to tell you that there is no stopping the Seattle indie bliss-poppers, now expanded to a four-piece, a follow up release 'Sailing', a stand-alone 7" single is released November 22nd via Hardly Art.

You can listen to the a-side below, "Sailing" is a wistful continuation of their breathtakingly beautiful sound, Seapony like to keep things simple yet "Sailing" sees the band expanding their arsenal slightly with the addition of blissful xylophone and acoustic guitar melodies whilst dropping some of the fuzzy, jangled indie pop that exemplified their debut. Melancholic, tranquil and dreamy, "Sailing" is the perfect anti-dote for evenings like these where a glimpse out of the window quickly tells you that winter's a comin' and if you're anything like me, you're sitting at home still nursing the previous days overindulgences.

Seapony - Sailing by hardlyartrecords

Do check out the video to one of the gems from 'Go With Me', "Where We Go":

Seapony - Where We Go from Hardly Art on Vimeo.