Auction For The Promise Club #2 - One

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If I had my way they'd be a lot more hours in the day so I could give bands more attention and post a few more blogs, basically do more of what the one mission statement of this blog is, to promote the music that I like. Without painting an overblown and unrealistic scenario (life is hardly tough with a 9-5 job, a family, many hobbies, numerous nights out a week and a hobby blog) I get perhaps five to seven hours a week where I can sit down and listen to music, trawl other blogs, read my emails and write posts, it sometimes means I miss / neglect something that really deserves more attention.

One such instance is Auction For The Promise Club, the Cornwall based indie-rock three piece showed up here right at the start of February when I fell in love with four demos up on their soundcloud, I've been meaning to post an update for literally months.

Since, the band released their debut EP entitled 'One' and you can stream the last track "Dancer (Running in the Dust)" below, it's going to rock your socks off. An instant, commercially viable hit with the stunning, smoky vocals of Zoe at the helm, "Dancer" is a soaring, melodic noise-pop anthem that hits you like a freight train thanks to its rich vein of powerful beats, energetic riffs and blistering pace.

The first track on the EP is "Under China", one of those four demos I initially heard, equally confident and exciting, it's beautifully constructed around the thumping drums and loud guitar stomps, the sultry, beautiful vocals again ready to melt your heart; do yourself a favour and watch the video below.

You can order the EP on limited edition CD direct from the band here.

photo by Inigo Kennedy

Dancer (Running in the Dust) by auctionforthepromiseclub