Christmas - New Music "Introducing"

Don't worry, I'm not posting festive tracks too bloody early, I'm well aware that the day to pretend you love Grannies oversized knitted jumpers (although I've been known to sport some quite similar) and Mum's brussels sprouts is still miles away (seriously, a one month warm up is ample), instead I'm letting you know about a new download you can get from Olympia, Washington based punk quartet Christmas.

Christmas, possibly the least Google friendly band I've ever come across, released the wild as fuck "Pyong" as a (free downloadable) tour-single for a east coast tour through October / November, in typical fashion, I'm posting this too late to advertise that to you Stateside folk so instead I'll just hopefully draw a few peoples attention to their urgent, intense and utterly shambolic rock. "Pyong" is possibly their best track yet too, an awesome repetitive bass line, scattergun drums, distorted guitars scrawls and the wailing vocals of frontwoman Emily Beanblossom, it's (and to quote their own facebook bio) "sweaty trainwreck fuck-off music that your parents will think is stupid". Get it after all my rambling.

Their self-titled debut LP came out in March this year, can be ordered on vinyl here and in the UK at Rough Trade or digitally here. Ten tracks that offer little room to catch your breath; fast, furious and compellingly infectious. Check out "Pies", I literally cannot understand a word Emily screams, her howling vocals might be in English or Polish (I believe there is a link to Poland anyway!) but I don't really care, it's loud, chaotic and fucking brilliant, "Santa Cruz" and "Castle" offer equally frenetic explorations of heavy grunge / garage punk with a result that is sure to cause mayhem at the front of their live shows.

There are some melodious moments that offer a more psychedelic sensibilities, "Faster" and "Dog Problems" are more tempered beasts where you can hear that Emily really has this quite beautiful voice, it's hard to give an album justice with this short summation review, just give it a spin for yourself, I've picked a couple of tracks to stream below:

Pyong (tour single) by ᙅℍƦIS†ⅯѦ§
Dog Problems by ᙅℍƦIS†ⅯѦ§
Santa Cruz by ᙅℍƦIS†ⅯѦ§

Christmas "Pies" from Descend the Stairs on Vimeo.