Daughter #2 - The Wild Youth

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Exactly a year ago today I posted an introducing blog on Daughter, I said this back then 'Daughter is a new incarnation of Elena Tonra, I don't know too much about her other than that at the moment'.

A lot has changed in twelve months, firstly I used myspace to link to an artists' music back then, though more specifically to this post, Daughter has managed to amass a following of almost six thousand fans on facebook and gain hundreds of glowing reviews thanks to her exceptional live show (I can faithfully say that after, finally, catching Elena and Igor's acoustic show at Camden Barfly last week) and a couple of EP's that show off this hauntingly beautiful voice and a personal, intimate song-writing talent that should lead to her topping a lot of "industry peoples" tips for 2012 lists, no more than her prodigious talent deserves.

Daughter's latest release 'The Wild Youth' will be released on November 21st via Communion Records (digitally available on bandcamp now), it showcases Elena's staggering development over the year and is definitely her best release to date, expanding upon the delicate guitar-work and sparse arrangements that led me to fall for her early demos, now backed by a full band who add textured drums, shimmering guitars and a pulsating heartbeat to her tracks, most evident on the spellbinding "Medicine" where electronic programming create this hazy, smoke filled ambient air while gentle piano strokes and a bewitching vocal add to one of the most gorgeous, spectral tracks of the year.

Elena's voice remains pure and beautiful throughout, it's probably one of the most emotionally affecting, gorgeous voices I've heard recently, listening to the opening verse of the heartbreaking "Love" with its wounded, confessional lyrics is a provides a genuine goosebumps moment. If you aren't amongst those 6000 followers perhaps now is the time to stand up and pay attention, I'm sure dozens of A&R guys already have.

Daughter plays a special show at one of London's most gorgeous venues, St Giles-in-the-Fields Church on December 7th - full details / tickets.

Daughter - Love (taken from 'The Wild Youth EP')
Daughter - 'Medicine' (Taken from 'The Wild Youth' EP)

Communion presents: Daughter from BABYSWEET SESSIONS on Vimeo.