Death Rattle - New Music "Introducing"

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"The Dig" is the debut release from UK duo Death Rattle, I can't tell you too much about the band, they formed this year and are currently recording an album in France, that's all the information they've chosen to officially share at the minute.

I believe it's the new project of Helen and Chris, formally of London based trio That Mouth (a band who're sitting in my ridiculously overflowing draft folder) who recently released their debut album before deciding calling it a day. Their facebook page offers a few more insights besides tellingly a set of influences that can help you ideally place this, their debut (that I know of) track.

Three seminal bands are stated as influences and you can hear them all on "The Dig", the pounding synth menace could be Depeche Mode, the throbbing rhythm and harsh metallic beat is much akin to Nine Inch Nails and the overall feel of the dark, evocative track and vocals is very Fever Ray, gritty, moody electronica and I like it.

I don't always watch the promo videos all the way through but I did this one, it's stylish monochrome and the perfect accompaniment for the song. The track can be downloaded (for free) from bandcamp and streamed below. Death Rattle have perked my curiosity and I'll certainly investigate where they go from here.

The Dig by Death Rattle