EMA #4 - Angelo


The b-side to EMA's stunning new single 'Marked', a track I mentioned enough times not to again here came with a  pre-listening warning that was enough to put me off listening to it for a good few days, the warning; it's a collaboration with a rapper. Now call me fickle or whatever you want but rap has been one genre of music I've never managed to find any solace with and I was quite worried about giving "Angelo" a listen, I probably needn't, for on the whole, just like everything of 'Past Life Martyred Saints' it's quite sensational.

The track is heavy, noisy guitars swathed in reverb and a gritty, raw intensity that's much akin to Erika's live show, rapper Mz’Gorjis' verse is passable, it fits in quite nicely, even on my ears. The dirty beat is so immersive I'm lost stomping my boots and nodding my head, Erika's howls are perfect, it's definitely a(nother) yes for one of 2011's best acts.

Available on 7" via Souterrain Tranmissions November 21st or digitally now. The same week as the release EMA plays one of the gigs on the year, a date with Zola Jesus at Heaven - tickets.

EMA - Angelo by souterraintransmissions

Now I've posted a few EMA sessions before because they always manage to blow me away, this one is no different, an acoustic session for Vogue, just Erika and an acoustic playing renditions of "Marked", "Butterfly Knife" and "Milkman", stripped back, intimate and all kinds of amazing: