Female Band - New Music "Introducing"


Female Band states on her soundcloud that's she from Brooklyn, New York, now all the indications I can find (basically her posting times on facebook and twitter - you know, stalker that I am!) belie that and make me think that she (a solo act rather than a band) is probably from London (other posts suggest as much).

There are two rough demos up to share, one "And Only I, Know Why" beautifully highlights her charismatically lo-fi, ambient bedroom noise that has already generated enough interest from John Kennedy to get airplay on xfm, not bad for a track live for just sixteen days and for an artist who self-describes her sound as 'badly made demos'.

The other track "One Day the Sea Will Swallow Me" similarly sees slow-burning melancholic drones that are equal parts haunting and gorgeous. We don't know much about her yet but what we do know is to keep an eye on where this project is heading.

And only I, know why by femaleband
one day the sea will swallow me by femaleband