The Hysterical Injury - New Music "Introducing"

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The Hysterical Injury are a Welsh brother / sister noise pop duo consisting of Annie (bass and vocals) and Tom (drums) Gardiner, they came to my attention through a free download of a track from their forthcoming debut which you can grab yourself a copy of below, do that because it's quite superb.

If "Maths" is any indication of what to expect from the album 'Dead Wolf Situation' (set for release on 6th February next year) then I'm preparing to be blown away by the now Bristol/Bath based duo. "Maths" is an uncompromising concoction of super charged energy, driven by relentless drum thumps and noisy, distorted bass. It really is just drum and bass from two people making all that beautiful racket, Annie's intoxicating vocal is melodious and equally powerful. A quite super track indeed.

A quick Google search leads me to see they've been around for a while, playing over 200 shows and releasing two EP's, a track of which "Three" is similarly blistering in its sonic assault on your eardrums, loud as fuck fuzzed up joy. If you're equally slow on the scene, listen below:

  Hysterical Injury - Maths