Magic City - New Music "Introducing"

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It's time to take a trip down memory lane with this blissfully nostalgic dream pop from across the pond, Magic City are a four piece from Chicago, the Windy City is doubtful to be the inspiration for the shimmering charm that could be the perfect soundtrack to your weekend, it'd be even better if it was sunny outside but hey, you can't have everything.

Their debut EP 'Little Bits' came out last week and is available on a pay what you like download from bandcamp with a limited CD / cassette release to follow via feeltrip. "Your Eyes" is simply delicious, vocalist Lauren Whitacre's vocals are soulful and sweet, the lazy guitar melody seductive and dreamy, then from nowhere there is this thrashing guitar solo amongst syrupy coo's, it an unusual combination but it's one that works wonderfully. It's a genre I love, check back on my old posts for proof but "Your Eyes" is certainly one of the finest dream / noise-pop tracks I can remember.

"Work For Us" transports you to a beautiful dream-like state as the gorgeous harmony equally relaxes and seduces you, as the song progresses it raises in tempo with hollow drums and another expectional guitar solo shimmers. The wistful closure "Hard to Imagine" is equally lovely, continuing the languid and gentle theme, if you are willing to let Magic City into your weekend you might just fall in love.

Your Eyes by Magic City
Work For Us by Magic City