Manflu - New Music "Introducing"

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The best named band I can remember, perhaps because I'm known to suffer from sporadic bouts of said ailment (only in severe form), Manflu are exactly what you need on a Monday, a perfect antidote to that back to work syndrome, over the course of nine tracks on soundcloud you are introduced to the five piece through loud and infectious post punk tracks that are equal parts aggressive, confident and fucking fun.

Manflu have been kicking around London for a while now but are pretty new to me, their abrasive no wave beats and fierce rhythms pay homage to a porn star on "Sasha Grey" (no, I'd never heard of her before either, honest) though they aren't so kind on seminal no wave figure James Chance, sure the brutal assault on the ear-drums isn't going to be for everyone, front-woman Aza screams through raucous, howling guitars, key tinkles, off-kilter rhythms and repetitive hollow beats, though "James Chance" offers such an exhilarating rush that I can't help but be blown away.

The sexual side of Manflu surfaces again on the scuzzy "Oral Sex", while "Holes" adds a jaunty organ showing off a wonderful bluesy side of the band yet "Wizard" is a full blown rocker, a deep bass-line, ramshackle guitar and chaotic heavy drums, throughout the band are tight and the vocal delivery is wild, ferocious, brilliant.

Manflu are impossible to pigeon-hole (though I guess I've done that enough above!) thanks to their wide ranging songs, experimental, rock, no wave, blues, post-punk, it's all there. One thing for sure, the powerful set of songs on offer make me wonderful how the fuck that I'd not heard of them before and why no one else seems to have either. Tracks can be purchased via bandcamp now. Add to your to see live lists now.

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