Modern Superstitions #3 - Sunbleached Preview

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Modern Superstitions have previewed three tracks on their brand new website as a taste of their new record ‘Sunbleached’, head over and listen, they are quite excellent. I recognise all three tracks from their current batch of UK shows (of which I've seen two), which sees them move their punchy, energetic rock-pop to the next level, led by the resonance and strength of Nyssa Rosaleen's impeccable vocals the Toronto four piece are one of the exciting and enjoyable acts I've had the pleasure of seeing multiple times recently.

"No Shame" shows off the tougher, gritty image, a stomping, pounding rocker, "School Days" production is sleek and dynamic, dripping with Nyssa's confident, powerful lead, ranging from sassy punk-rocker to snarling howl, the equally talented band are excellent throughout, hard charging drum beat, rumbling bass-line and jangling guitars, it's got the perfect amount of confidence and enthusiasm. "The Way I Want To" is the bands 'slow song' and is just gorgeous, one of my few criticisms of their debut EP 'All The Things We've Been Told' was that it was a little one-paced, this more plaintive and melodic number is just gorgeous, consider me exciting to hear about its, as yet unannounced, release.

The band are in the UK for at least the next month, they've been pretty poor at announcing the shows on facebook (two hours isn't enough notice!), I found out about both ones I went to through songkick, but they've got a few dates up here including London dates on November 17th and December 7th, hopefully they'll not be first band on like the two dates I've made, London punters really don't like showing up near the time that doors open! Go and see them, they really deserve some support.

Here are a couple of things I've posted before, a stunning live video and a stream of two of the highlights from their first EP, you can buy it for $5 here:

Modern Superstitions - Go-Between