Schonwald - Mercurial


Italy, it seems, is the place to turn for dark, haunting post-punk / cold-wave at the minute, the latest band to crop up on my horizon are Schonwald (a name which sounds more German than Italian), the duo aren't a new act, they released an album 'Amplified Nature' back in Feb 09 but I've not found much further information on that, so instead I'll concentrate on their new track, "Mercurial", which I'm assuming is a taster of an, as yet, unannounced release.

It's made in the 80's, an hypnotic pulsating beat creates  a sparkling, echoey and somewhat menacing atmosphere while the chilly guitar screeches and thumping dark drums could be a perfect dance floor filler. It's a perfectly balanced sound as it's a bloody great track. Here's to more.

mercurial by schonwald