September Girls - New Music "Introducing"

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September Girls are a five piece girl band from Dublin, who formed as recently as September (the girls previous incarnation went by the name of Talulah Does The Hula), they've a few demos to listen to on their soundcloud and I can't help but be excited; highlighting an infectious, dirty garage pop sound that you could easily mistake for coming directly out of the same Californian neighbourhood as Best Coast, perhaps not the massively polished tracks that came to make up "Crazy For You" but the retro, rough around the edges lo-fi fuzz pop that made Bethany's early EP's so appealing.

"Hells Bells" is the most recent track added to the September Girls catologe and its radiant noise pop of the finest order, guitars distorted, verses simple and catchy, drums energetic, it sure is sweet on the ears. "Secret Lovers" adds twinkling keyboards and doo-wop harmonies to make those 60's spector girl group comparisons ever more apparent, it's discoveries like this that keep the eternal bloggers new-music addiction alive and kicking.

They've a couple of Dublin dates coming up before Christmas, hopefully a sign of things to come, if the girls come to London, I'll be there.

Hells Bells - Demo by septembergirls
Secret Lovers - Demo by septembergirls