Sheen - New Music "Introducing"


Sheen managed to press all the right buttons with me right away, like so many bands whom I've fallen for over the last 18 months or so, the London six piece studio recordings combine a beautiful, serene, Goddess like vocal swathed in swirling, luscious guitarscapes.

You can hear what that sounds like for yourself on "Different Songs" and "One Step" below, blissfully dreamy and melodic, where gentle, chiming kaleidoscopic guitars glisten amongst Aneta's delicate, ethereal vocals and languid drumbeats.

The band play London's The Good Ship next Saturday, November 12th - full details . I'm out of town but I urge someone with a good video camera to attend so we can replace these potentially exceptional videos that sound like they've been recorded from the nearby toilet - I'm yet to check them out live, I will, purely from checking out a couple of these videos a couple of times I can see (again) like so many of my favourite artists there is an extra dimension to the live tracks, the intensity of "Lunaire" especially with it's wash of distorted guitars and noise is quite spectacular.

Listen / Watch:
Different Songs by Sheen - the band
One Step by Sheen - the band