Soko #2 - I Thought I Was An Alien

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My last SoKo post came a few days before I saw her play London's Borderline, a fantastic show where she treated the packed (sold-out on pure hear-say and facebook messages) venue to a sublime hour set drawing entirely of songs from her forthcoming debut LP 'I Thought I Was An Alien' and some from her 'songbook' including an incredble number which she claimed to have written the day before.

Her talent is undeniable and her stage persona intelligence and witty, SoKo seems set to finally conquer with her new style of beautifully crafted folk, a world ahead of the early EP tracks that made her name back in 2007.

Following from the wonderful youtube tracks I've previously picked up on, Stephanie has released a new, self-directed clip for the debut albums title track, a dreamy, woozy number about (unsurprisingly given its title!) an extraterrestrial romance. The album has been put back until February 20th, it'll be worth the extra wait.

Listen / watch below:

SoKo: I Thought I Was An Alien
SoKo - No More Home, No More Love