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You might not have heard of SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) before though there is every chance you've come across bassist / programmer Dean Garcia in his former band, Curve. SPC ECO are just about to release their second full-length (following a handful of EP's and a full length since 2008) 'You Tell Me' is due for release 14th November and let me tell you straight away, it's absolutely luscious.

The eleven tracks combine to make pure, unadulterated aural ecstasy, throughout you are treated to the pulsing electronic rhythms, distorted guitar whirlwinds, layered soundscapes and the soft, pure vocals of Rose Berlin, Dean's daughter.

'You Tell Me' kicks off heavy, all are with absolute monsters. "Gone" finds the band in menacing form, with dark, industrial pulsating beats, throbbing bass and heavy guitar riffs whilst "Calling" brooding sonic atmospherics intoxicate and "Big Fat World" is equally great, pulverising guitar maelstroms, dynamic drums and the angelic vocals of Rose, all in all, it's fucking brilliant.

Yet my favourite moments possibly come when the tempo is taken down a notch in favour of this otherworldly, dreamy mood like on "All My Love" and "Fall a Million Ways", the former with slow-burning glistening beats while the latter combines a minimal trippy dub beat with Rose's ethereal and beautiful vocals. Throughout her voice manages to rise above the instruments and programming and is a genuine highlight.

"Forever Each Day" sees the celestial and noise-pop collide, washes of guitar, echoes and deep electronic beats meet the airy, gorgeous vocals. I could continue to uses numerous adjectives to describe this wonderful album but you've got the idea by now, for fans of dream / noise pop this album is an essential listen.

Their was a limited edition CD run via xd records but we are all too slow and it's sold out (though I believe a second press is in the works), a digital download can be purchased from bandcamp for just £5 now.

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SPC ECO - Gone by morrisday