Veronica Falls #7 - Sessions + B-Side


Veronica Falls have had a remarkable year, undoubtedly one of my favourite acts of the past eighteen months or so (more on that soon when I post a round up of my tips for 2011). The band have recently been airing new tracks in their live show and a taster can be heard now, the band performed this sparlking rendition of "Last Conversation" for a session with the wonderful Future Sweden, watch it below and check out two further videos here.

Veronica Falls - Last Conversation from Future Sweden on Vimeo.

The song hints at a quick return for the London / Glasgow four piece and is utterly brilliant. As well as that, producer Rory Bratwell has shared one of Veronica Falls he produced, "Back Page" the recent b-side to the amazing "Bad Feeling", it's a laid back and dreamy number where the emphasis is on the luscious harmonies that are an underlining feature of the band. Love it:

Veronica Falls - Back Page by Brattwell Recordings

There's also this rather slickly produced video from another recent session for insound, here is "Beachy Head": Watch the full session and download an mp3 of the track here. If you're curious of hearing more new ones you might want to click on the link because one of the other videos is another new one, "Bury Me Alive" sounds like it could (and possibly should) have made the debut, continuing the bands underlying themes of dark, macabre lyrics over fast, urgent guitar and drum melodies. Delicious.