Woman's Hour - New Music "Introducing"


I had a blog about Woman's Hour ready for posting last week, I somehow managed to delete it before it was posted, clever hey, so consider this my second attempt. I've the memory of a sieve so I can't remember what it said, pretty much my normal thing, endless gushing praise and numerous adjectives to describe the (now) London based four pieces debut.

"Human" is the perfect introduction to the band, sparse soundscapes that utilise a similar sense of space and craftsmanship that took The xx to the top of the stratosphere last year. The opening three minutes of "Human" is a sumptuous marriage of subtle, relaxed electronic pulses, restrained shimmering guitars and the irresistible vocals of Fiona Burgess, at the half way point it morphs into a hopeful anthem with the repeated, euphoric exclamation of "oh, I'll get there, yes, I'll get there, even if I am scared", everything about it is really quite exquisite.

"Jenni" sits more in Wild Beasts territory (they share a producer) with calypso melodies and echoey rhythmic grooves. The double-a side is released December 5th through Dirty Bingo (order), the same label who brought us the wonderful Novella single and is highly recommended, a future collectors piece no doubt.

One thing my old post did have was a recommendation to see them play yesterday at Lock Tavern alongside Hella Better Dancer, unless you're off to see Doc Brown later that might be a bit tough now. I went and it was as fine a way to spend the last part of my weekend as I could think of, Woman's Hour did this particularly interesting take on "Heroes" which other than using a few lines of it's lyrics sound absolutely nothing like the original. They next play in South London on November 16th, entry just £1.50 - full details.

Human by Woman's Hour
Jenni by Woman's Hour