Abi Wade - New Music "Introducing"


Abi Wade came to my attention through the Drowned in Sound forum, when 1/3 of an excellent band (Esben and the Witch) starts a label you definitely check out the acts they sign, that's where I discovered this extraordinary talent, self stylised as 'cello.box.voice' Abi combines just those tools to compelling effect on her debut EP 'And Blood And Air' (available on iTunes).

Two preview tracks can be snapped up below, both equally sparse and spacious, "Stability" and "Hope" use the cello as the primary instrument to create an eerie, rhythmic pulse for her beautiful, haunting voice. Backed by minimal echoing percussion you can see why Esben's Daniel Copeman was moved to create the label Love Thy Neighbour, for the mysterious atmosphere and the beautiful, stark nature of her music is similar to Esben's otherworldly whispers, yet Abi Wade's sound is firmly her own too.

There's nothing manufactured here, her natural soundscapes are an undoubtedly striking listen. Certainly a name to follow. Listen / watch below:

Abi Wade - Stability

Hope by Abi Wade