The Birthday Kiss - Sentimental Christmastime

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This is band I promise to come back to after the whole 'festive thing' has calmed down for I'm pretty excited to investigate their work further, an email dropped in my mailbox today from a band unfamiliar to me, the newly (2011) formed Leeds act The Birthday Kiss, it basically said something like this; 'we're made up of ex parts of The Research and The Lodger... we've made a Christmas song called 'Sentimental Christmastime' and would love it if you gave it a listen and posted it on your blog'

I was hooked straight away, both bands I own records by and had been lost in the abyss of my brain, The Lodger's debut 'Grown-Ups' was absolutely great but if I'm honest I'd totally forgotten about their existence (I just checked my iTunes, I've not listened to them since 12th May 2009), the same could be said for The Research, though with the exception of their incredible singles "I Think She's The One I Love" and "Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same" it's October 2008 since I'd given either of their albums a listen, consider me back in the game...

The track I'm posting now is the festive one with a relatively short expiry date (I doubt Saint Nick is going to wait for me to fully digested the rest of their material) "Sentimental Christmastime" is a gorgeous original song, both male and female are lovely, with understated guitar chimes and precise drums beats (as well as bells to add a real Christmassy feel) creating a warm and cosy feeling that goes some way to hiding the lyrics calling off a relationship on Christmas Day. It's available for free download below or here if the soundcloud limit is exceeded.

Sentimental Christmastime by The Birthday Kiss

P.S. I listened to Black and White from their soundcloud, it's absolutely brilliant.