Caitlin Rose #20 - New Daytrotter Session

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Anybody who has found themselves visiting my blog over the past 18 months will probably know of my unrequited love for all things Caitlin Rose, I saw her around a dozen times over the course of the past year, her album 'Own Side Now' was my number one album of 2010, I've listened to her music and obscene number of times and I've written about her on here more times than is probably healthy...

News has slowed down recently as Caitlin moves towards the end of touring the debut record (though US dates for Feb have recently been announced and can be found here) but yesterday a wonderful new session recording turned up courtesy (again) of the wonderful folks at Daytrotter (and of course Caitlin and band - now incredibly tight and polished as a settled unit), you can download the complete session at now.

Starting with an stomping version of "Shanghai Cigarettes" and a slowed down "For The Rabbits" this is Caitlin's second session for Daytrotter, (her first was way back in 2010 and can be downloaded here) though what gets me most excited is to me a new track, alongside her cover of "Young Blood" which she's been playing for about a year now is a track entitled "I Was Cruel", a beautiful, aching ballad which highlights her exceptional talent and vocal range, I don't know if it's a cover or a new track, I think the latter because Google turned up a blank, but hearing her singing a new song makes my heart go a-flutter all over again, her voice just brings me goosebumps. Listen below:

Caitlin Rose - I Was Cruel (daytrotter session)

 Here's a video of "Spare Me" / brief interview, which again is new to me. Check out Jeremy's Slash impressions. Ha!:
Caitlin Rose - "Spare Me" - Le Loft Rooftop from DUKE STREET on Vimeo.