Creatures of Love #4 - Black Elf


I watched The Grinch this morning so it is somewhat fitting that the first festive track I'm featuring this year (even though I've been receiving Christmas based emails since October) is the anti-Christmas song 'Black Elf', from another of my shortlisted bands for the 'tips for 2012' posts, Creatures of Love.

Its theme a close cousin to the overall message in The Grinch, one of contempt to the excessive commercialisation and lack of Christmas traditions, though before all you Santa lovers reach for the humbug button, give the track a listen below because it's a brilliant song...

The accompanying video features four rather disturbing looking elf's, each with the bands faces stuck on (and their logo) ringing bells and 'dancing', for those unfamiliar with the London based trio the song is a fitting introduction to their sound, atmospheric, dramatic and absolutely enormous.

I've not mentioned CoL since The Joy Formidable tour, I think it went pretty well for them, certainly the couple of dates where I checked the merch stall on the way out they seemed to be out of stock and both of their extremely limited CD singles are now sold-out. I'm looking forward to their debut, whenever it maybe, I hopefully next year!

Creatures of Love next play in London on January 4th as part of the Poprox New Blood festival - tickets are £4 (or £10 for a season ticket for every night) - details can be found here.

Creatures Of Love - Black Elf by CreaturesOfLove