Creep #2 - Animals (ft. Holly Miranda)


The problem with spending much of December devoted to the yearly cycle of lists is that you miss the fine new music that comes out around the same time, this for instance, a new track from Creep first aired over ten days ago but didn't catch my eyes until I started reading through some of the backlog of posts on my Google Reader over the weekend, it features guest vocals from none other than the wonderful Holly Miranda, Creep clearly have a thing for using gorgeous female voices, previous single "Days" featured Romy XX and feature collaborations are line up with Grimes and SIA.

"Animals" is gorgeous combination of Holly's breathy vocals, soothing and dreamy and an eerie, icy cold synth pulse with dramatic string swirls and drum machine beats, the accompanying videos creepy, futuristic themes fit of the track perfectly. Ideal for a cold-winters' night.

Aside from this collaboration, Holly Miranda has been treated Pledge Music users to a few preview tracks from her forthcoming album next year, they're beautiful.... cannot wait for both that and her next UK show.

CREEP - "Animals" (Feat. Holly Miranda) from stereogum on Vimeo.