Embers - New Music "Introducing"

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Embers are a newly formed four piece from Manchester who create ambitious, cinematic indie-rock that is every bit as beautiful as it is melodic and dramatic. They shared three of their early demos via the usual methods last month and it's fair to say they display more than enough 'wow factor' to work bloggers (and A&R guys no doubt) like myself into quite the stupor.

Some quarters hate the use of the word epic yet I'm certainly using it here, the stunningly 'epic' "Days Turn into Weeks" starts patiently, with a strong piano melody (which repeats throughout) and fuzzy static and then gradually, steadily builds up with rumbling drums and layered sounds to grandiose crescendos of sweeping orchestration and soaring choruses, the very definition of epic, expansive brilliance if you ask me.

"Tunnel Vision" is even bigger, a fiery monster that's darker, more brooding and relentless, it sees colossal drum crashes, piercing fuzz and screeching guitars combine to create an intense wall of sound; utterly incredible stuff (and still only in demo form).

If Embers create and EP /album that follows the path of these tracks you can only envisage a future to match the scale of their songs, Robin at Breaking More Waves sums it up perfectly "Someone put this lot in a massive studio and give them the production and recording weight they deserve please".

I don't know if they've have been any live shows yet, I'm intrigued to hear one for sure, it will be interesting to see how the four boys manage to transfer the energy and weight of their recordings into a dark, dingy bar room somewhere (though perhaps arenas await).

Listen / Download below:

Tunnel Vision by e m b e r s
Days Turn Into Weeks by e m b e r s