Pale Seas - New Music "Introducing"

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Pale Seas (formerly known as Netherlands) are new to me although from a hype machine search it appears I've been living on Mars, 'Something or Nothing' is their forthcoming debut single from the now London based (originally from Southampton) five piece (due 13th February) and it's just the thing to listen to on a long, cold winters morning.

"Something or Nothing" sees sparkling glockenspiel and slow waltzing guitar entwine around dreamy, gorgeous melodies. The B-Side is even better, "Amour" is absolutely stunning, stirring instrumentation and beautiful, soft harmonies over wistful, languid pacing, it's undeniably soothing and utterly delightful.

Their songcraft is what stands-out from the two tracks, two luscious, multi-layered tracks with slightly dark lyrical content and melodies from the heavens, from this wonderful introduction it seems Pale Seas will be a band to follow into the new year.

Something Or Nothing by Pale Seas

Amour by Pale Seas