Summer Twins - New Music "Introducing"

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Well the long autumn we had (in north London anyway) is certainly well and truly over and the past week has seen freezing winds, rain, a sprinkling of snow and more rain mean I've spent the week permanently in a state of cold, yet, before I fully turn to the Christmassy (and anti-Christmassy) songs for the festive period I'm going to try and keep the sunshine in with this absolutely gorgeous new(ish) track from Riverside, California sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown, recording as the somewhat apt Summer Twins.

The pretty as a flower "I Don't Care" is the first taster from Summer Twins' debut album (available for free download from bandcamp), set for release in the US January 2012 via Burger Records (although apparently a different version is already released in Japan). It's a dreamy sun-drenched pop track that combines shimmering guitars sparkles, kick drum and beautiful sugar-sweet vocals with laid-back verses and syrupy harmonies. There's absolutely nothing not to like so why not put down the sherry and raise a glass of pimms one last time in 2011. If you like that sort of thing of course!

The sisters have a previous EP release too, 'The Good Things' came out towards the end of 2010 and showcases a variety of styles, switching from luscious and nostalgic 60's pop on the lovely "Good Friends" (which in itself switches half-way with a tropical, psychedelic end) to a lively guitar heavy sound on my favourite track on initial investigation "The Good Things", a stomping beat and lovely harmonies lead the track to bridges where the band show they really know how to rock out. I'm very much into what I've heard so far and am looking forward to further investigating Summer Twins' output. I've not seen any UK coverage, there should be some, I think they'd go down a treat.


The Good Things by Summer Twins

Good Friends by Summer Twins