Tips for 2012 - Part Four

Just Music That I Like's Tips for 2012 - Part Four.

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Lucy Rose

Another predictable choice for long-time followers perhaps, Lucy Rose showcased her rare talent on two gorgeous singles in 2011, both 'Scar' and 'Middle of the Bed' highlighted her spine-tingling vocals, effortlessly pure and beautiful and an extraordinarily intimate song craft. Her songs, though simple in melody, backed by hushed guitars and soothing  percussion the effect of her music is calming, heart-warming and one that induces the most beautiful of thoughts.

2012 promises to bring even more from Lucy, her debut album for starters, guaranteed to bring goosebumps to thousands of listeners up and down the country. Already renowned for her live show (she sold out London's Cargo without a release to her name) Lucy is sure to be a word on every radio station DJ's lips next year, before that, you can see her at Camden's Barfly on 31st of Jan - tickets.

Lucy Rose - Middle Of The Bed by Lucy Rose

Niki and the Dove


The only one of my list to make the 'official' one, the BBC's Sound of 2012 (Lianne La Havas was very close), Niki and the Dove have featured in almost every 'Ones for 2012' list I've read thus far and with good reason, their flamboyant electro-pop is bright and dramatic, energetic and genuinely refreshing, N&TD make quite the change from the drab, dreary music which often finds its way into prime-time radio these days, the Swedish Duo an act with clear homage to 80's stars like Prince, Madonna and (uh-oh) Kate Bush are uplifting and fun.

There are elements of so many things in there the result could be horrendous; euro-dance, power pop, afro-rhythmic drums, yet horrendous is as far removed as possible from the end result, "Mother Project" showcases their more experimental side, distinctly Scandinavian atmospheres based around icy vocals and chilly beats (and not forgetting the pan-pipe solo) and "The Fox" the theatrical, with its anthemic arrangements and flickering synths, everything thus far has been eagerly lapped up and is quite, quite delicious.

Signed to Sub Pop, their new found fame will mean more is expected from them than perhaps just a month ago, still, I'm looking forward to hearing the result next year.

The Drummer by Niki & The Dove


Novella could be another case of a tip too soon but I don't care, with just one 7" to their name (the perfect 'Oh Brian') to date the London trio/foursome (I'm not sure, their pictures / facebook seem to suggest it's a three piece but the three times I've seen them they've been a four piece backed by an exceptional, hard-hitting drummer -perhaps he's just for live-shows) are firmly amongst my favourite new bands.

The live shows point to my excitement surrounding the band, an intoxicating concoction of wholesome noise, a grungy assault of three way guitar fuzz and pounding beats with an added veneer of melodic sheen that's bewitching and brilliant.

Their latest track "Santiago" (from an incredible split record including Echo Lake and The History of Apple Pie released just this week (details and order here) and celebrated with a live show tonight - I'm going) gives a perfect indication, slightly more urgent pacing, led by galloping drum beat, thick guitars and girl group vocals, simply delicious.

Tips for 2012? I hope so, though 2013 will do me just fine.

Santiago by Novella.