Anna Lena & The Orchids #2 - The Orchids Art Gallery Sessions

I've been meaning to post about a couple of wonderful session videos by Anna Lena & The Orchids for a while now, the posting of a new one "Mice Will Run" propelled it to the top of my blogging list, the band (who are now based between London and Liverpool) performed four tracks, two of which you can watch below, all four are pretty special (the rest are on Youtube)...

Showcasing a darker, harder-edged sound than on the introspective, wistful 'Child' "Mice Will Run" is absolutely wonderful. Whilst beautifully textured keys and guitars create a haunting ambience Anna's ethereal vocal glides you towards a cacophonous, discordant crescendo of dense, layered noise; I love it. "Force My Lover" is equally impressive, shadowed in behind gorgeous bubbling bass rhythms, twinkling guitar and steady percussion, Anna's voice endearing, graceful and compellingly beautiful. After these, I am certainly looking forward to the next EP!

I'm double excited because Anna is playing at first attempt at promoting, next Tuesday 10th January, Anna will perform at London's The Old Queen's Head alongside Hella Better Dancer and Model Railway Exhibition (single launch) - full details. Do come along if you are in London, it's free!