Au Palais - New Music "Introducing"


I managed to miss the substantial buzz about Au Palais first time around, the London based / Toronto origin brother and sister duo received the prestigious 'Best New Track' title from Pitchfork for their debut release "Tender Night", it's not hard to see why, the six and a half minute dark disco beauty effortlessly combines foreboding, icy synth pulse, additive, deep bass-line, seductive late night dance-floor beats and gorgeous, ethereal vocals. Similarly on "Pathos", light and dark textures shine, Elise's vocal here stronger and more defiant, swooning around layers of textured, shimmering synth noise, both delicious and enchanting.

I've read a few comparisons with Austra, presumably because of the Toronto thing and Zola Jesus, presumably because both vocalists are female and Nika appears to be the modern day Kate Bush as a comparison base, yet I'm not too sure, besides the obvious fact that both acts are producing dark-ish electronic music, I'm hearing more of the pop-noir stylings of fellow Canadians Cosmetics or Gold Zebra, Au Palais are equally restrained, atmospheric keys cascade gorgeously around Elise's cool and sexy vocals and rumbling beat to intoxicating and beautiful results.

The four track 'Tender Mercy' EP was released December 5th via The Sweet Sounds of Nothing, a relatively new London label but one that's already got an impressive list of releases with prior EP's by Tashaki Miyaki and Whirr.