BOY - This is The Beginning

Month-end is pretty much guaranteed to be my least favourite day of the month, it (along with the first) is always my busiest day of the calendar month, today the systems were down for half of the working day too which meant even more headaches than normal. Add in the cold, cold weather (we can't complain, we got to mid-January without much in the way of cold) and it means I've returned home in need of something to cheer me up. Today it's a girl, girl duo (not like that you dirty minded individual!) called BOY...

Hailing from Zurich & Munich I doubt Valeska Steiner & Sonja Glass will be completely new to many of you, last year's "Little Numbers" has amassed an incredible 2.2m plays on YouTube in exactly six months, I let someone that isn't me do the maths. It's the perfect pick me up too, a lively, summery beat, smile-inducing hand claps and upbeat melody will have you dancing around the living room whilst the pretty as a flower vocal harmonies are simply beautiful.

You can help yourself to a free download of another album track, "This is the Beginning" below, showcasing  a calmer, mellow sound that is utterly gorgeous, genteel glockenspiel sooth away the worries and its hopeful chorus of "This is the beginning of anything you want" is perfectly bright and optimistic, just what the doctor ordered after a long day at work.

The UK release of their album 'Mutual Friends' is set for April 23rd (pre-order) with BOY playing their first London show next week at the Jazz Café on Feb 7th - tickets. The girls embark on an extensive Euro tour in March (dates on the link above).