Cut Ribbons - New Music "Introducing"

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Llanelli (South Wales) based five piece Cut Ribbons released their debut release 'White Horse' over the Christmas period, it probably led to it being missed by the majority of the blog hype machine but it was through their BBC Radio connections that I picked up on them, the single was released via Club Kissability (ran by Jen Long) and they've also been tipped by fellow DJ Bethan Elfyn, a good enough pedigree to guarantee a listen then, I'm glad I did.

"White Horses'" mellow introduction belies what is to come, for the blissful pop sensibilities, beautiful boy / girl vocal harmonies and chiming guitars make way for a monstrous maelstrom of noise during the second half of the track, it's enough I'm sure (and I'm just about to mention it) to lead to them being compared to a certain band from North Wales who had a rather good 2011 both sides of the pond. Sure, there are some similarities in their anthemic pop, Anna Griffiths' vocals as pretty as a flower, enchanting and ethereal but from what I've heard there isn't the same bite and aggression of Ms Bryan's and whilst the guitars sound big, effortlessly moving from jangle to a fuzzsome wall of sound, the melodies displayed on both "White Horses" and "Walking on Wires" will want to make you bounce around with joy rather than rock-out with venom.

That's not meant to be a bad thing, Cut Ribbons by their own right have created a sound that is simply magical and they look set to be a major Welsh export during 2012.

You can order the five track tape for £5.00 delivered here. Listen to two of the tracks below: