Delta/Alaska - New Music "Introducing"

Delta/Alaska are a five piece hailing from North London, located not too far away from me in fact.  Their self released, self-titled debut EP came out (digitally at least) on New Years Day and is available for just $2 via bandcamp with a handful of hard copies left priced £2 here, it's a compelling listen and arguably the most rounded, impact making EP I've heard in a while.

Four tracks which represent the most quintessential of loud-quiet noise, seamlessly combining a monstrous wall of sound produced through relentless wailing guitars and big, big drums with intricate shimmering textures, blissfully pretty melodies and beautiful vocals.

"Vancouver" a perfect example, hard-hitting tribal, rhythmic trance drums and dual male / female vocals conjure up a wholesome noise that's thunderous, pacey and delightful. "Palm Springs" shimmers with lighter optimism, chiming guitars circle around as the drum beat gradually intensifies to a clattering charged finale and closing track "All Our Friends By The Sea" combines both and is possibly my favourite of the four, Michelle's ethereal vocals lead you beautifully to a barrage of sonic abuse. The four tracks are over in under 13 minutes and the one thing you are left with wanting is more, much more. Hopefully 2012 will bring just that.

Listen below: