Doe Paoro - New Music "Introducing"


The track you can listen to at the end of this post "Can't Leave You" is the debut single by Doe Paoro (the alias of Brooklyn's Sonia Kreitzer), it's, to not beat around the bush, simply exquisite.

Exhibiting an beguiling voice "Can't Leave You" is exactly what I said I was crying out for yesterday whilst sitting talking about new music over a beer or two; a track that on first listen makes me go "holy fucking wow".

Honestly, this track is that good, built around Doe's incredible, soulful voice "Can't Leave You" is too beautiful for words (contradiction as I keep writing them!), backed by cello, violin and piano which rise and fall with the same flow as the vocals, one moment haunting, ethereal and sparse, the next strong and defiant. From just the dozen or so listens I've given the track since I came across it this afternoon, I'm happy to say I'm completely smitten with Doe Paoro.

Her debut album ‘Slow To Love’ is released January 31st and I can't wait to hear it. I very much doubt this is the last you'll read of Doe on this blog.

You can download "Can't Leave You" for free via bandcamp and listen below: