First Aid Kit #4 - Emmylou

I got pretty excited about the forthcoming second First Aid Kit album 'The Lion's Roar' (released January 23rd) off the back of the incredible title track, the giddiness level went up a couple more notches a couple of weeks back when the Stockholm siblings released the beautiful video that accompanies new single "Emmylou", combining a classic contemporary country sound with the sister's heavenly vocal harmonies, it's simply gorgeous.

One listen and it's obvious that the track is a tribute to a whole number of legendary country artists, Carter, Cash, Harris and Parsons are all name checked in the chorus and the sisters managed to earn rare praise from Johnny Cash's daughter along the way. It's not hard to realise why, their music is so majestic, their voices so beautiful, First Aid Kit are about to win over the vast majority of country / folk music fans too.

Listen / watch below: