Liechtenstein - Fast Forward


I'm pretty sure you've not managed to go onto any website today without reading about Blue Monday, apparently 'researchers' have somehow worked out that the third Monday in January is the 'most depressing day of the year'. Bollocks to that is all I have to say, to celebrate the most miserable day of the calendar I'm bringing you Liechtenstein, an all-girl indie pop band from Göteborg, Sweden whose sunny, optimistic infusion of bright indie pop and funky 80's melodies will have you bopping along before you can say 'still two weeks till payday'...

Their second album 'Fast Forward' is due next week via Fraction Discs (order link) and three tasters can be heard below, "Ambitions" weaves their Spector-esque vocal delivery with repetitive driven drumming and a bouncy bass line which can do nothing but get inside your head. Even better though are the hand claps that propel the jaunty, tropical rhythm of "Meantime", the arrangements are tight, the production is clean and its melody is as catchy as hell. Another marvellous piece of simple, delightful pop is "Strange Ideas" which further highlights their charmingly retro, lo-fi sound, with sweet harmonies and jangling guitars. A hat-trick of fun, infectious and simply delicious tracks from an album that will definitely be worth searching out.

Some of Liechtenstein's older releases can be ordered from Norman Records now. Listen: