Like Spinning - New Music "Introducing"

I could pretend that through my extensive blog research I organically came across Like Spinning but in reality late last night I begrudgingly (it seems to cause me nothing but problems!) logged into my facebook and top of the page their was an update by The Staves which simply said 'Check this out - she is brilliant', so I did and she is...

Like Spinning is the brainchild of London based (via Liverpool) but Oslo bred Kari Kamrud Jahnsen, by chance exactly like my other Norwegian crush Anna Lena and The Orchids, who are actually a good basis for comparison (and I think they're friends too). On Monday she digitally released a double a-side single "Forces / My Window", both are genuinely gorgeous, Kari has a truly beautiful voice, her ethereal vocals compliment the wistful melodies of her music perfectly, interweaving beautiful guitar arrangements with subdued percussion and dreamy harmonies to create a wonderful hazy, languid atmosphere that will ease your worries away.

You can purchase the new single now via Bandcamp and also down a free (pay what you like) five track EP from the same place, the accompanying video is fittingly celestial too, listen / watch below:

Like Spinning - Forces from Like Spinning on Vimeo.