Lockets - New Music "Introducing"


I'm finally starting to get my way towards the back end of the Christmas back-log, in and amongst the deluge was a little gem from a dream-pop duo from Philadelphia (with a second track since added). Lockets have released their debut tracks "Camera Shy" and "Catch Me" for free via the (now) usual methods of soundcloud / bandcamp and available below.

"Camera Shy" is utterly gorgeous, Dani's soft and dreamy vocals warm the heartstrings whilst Todd's synths and effects add hazy, woozy layers of sumptuous noise before at the three minute mark screeching guitar transform the soothing melody into something slightly more sinister. The track though still retains the sort of blissful slow-motion ambience which will lead it to be the soundtrack for many a young lover this winter.

Their second track "Catch Me", with its more upbeat, jaunty rhythm sees their sweet pop songs develop a level, where "Camera Shy" is the equivalent of a loved-up start to a new relationship "Catch Me" is the chase beforehand, with layers of swirling synths and a purposeful beat it's certainly slicker, catchier and urgent yet nevertheless retains the same silky, ethereal vocals and beautiful melody that's enough to make this new, young band another to be pretty excited about.

Lockets - Catch Me from Lockets on Vimeo.