Lucille - New Music "Introducing"


Lucille is the new music project from the artist formerly known as Lucy & the Caterpillar, she hails from Manchester and came to my attention due to her billing on the same bill as Projectionists at their EP launch last week, shame (for me) that it was one gig that wasn't in the capital. Lucille appears to still be in her infancy (the project) with the website link on her facebook page heading to a registered but dead page and besides a couple of youtube clips little else in the way of promotion.

I wasn't familiar with Lucy & the Caterpillar but a quick Google search leads me to a Guardian new band of the day profile from 2008 (the day before a certain band called Mumford & Sons!) and a musical style that appears much more cutesy / kitsch than the one I'm posting about today. What instantly won me over are two sepia-tinged amateur videos of  her rough demos, the footage of a countryside walk, animals and repeated lyric writing seem to fit the music better than a grand budget could.

The songs "Roads" and "This War of Love" both highlight an old fashioned song-craft that is serene and romantic that, for me at least, is a world ahead of the upbeat, folk-pop I heard on her old project. The woozy acoustic guitar is simple but intimate, similarly the heartfelt tales of love display clear signs of songwriting development and Lucy's soft voice is breathtakingly beautiful. Rough demos they may be but you can't help but be excited by the potential of them, listen / watch below and let your heart melt away: