Lucy Rose #3 - Red Face 

Lucy Rose today announced (and released) her third single "Red Face", Lucy's melt-your-heart voice and intimately beautiful song craft has already won over more than 13 thousand fans on facebook and (perhaps not quite so impressively) a place on the UK bloggers' 'Blog Sound of 2012' poll, this before the release of her debut album (due summer 2012), I've been taking in "Red Face" all afternoon an it's safe to say it's only going to win her more friends...

Backed impressively by a full band it's Lucy's grandest song yet, taking the melancholic vulnerability displayed on 'Middle of the Bed' and 'Scar' and complimenting it with stirring instrumentation, purposely propelled by wonderful rhythmic percussion and chiming guitar, Lucy's soft, smoky voice equally impressive, fragile and emotive before rising to be more emphatic than I've ever heard it.

Lucy plays two London shows in the forthcoming weeks, firstly January 31st at Camden Barfly and on February 4th at Jazz Cafe - tickets. "Red Face" is available now on iTunes. Stream below:
Photo Credit: Claire Campbell

and here is a more 'stripped back' version of the track recorded towards the end of last summer, Lucy's pure vocals and genteel arrangements which kick on towards the end, so gorgeous: